Client Stories

Pinks Electrical Services

This successful and diversified business is run by Paula Parker Bastow. She’s the only female electrician in Purbeck. A single mum. Paula has two children. The business is her livelihood.

Paula has two full time employees, one of whom is on a 4 year apprenticeship which she has supported from the very beginning. Despite Covid, and lockdowns affecting them all one way or another, Paula has manged to keep the business running and diversified to take on project work too. An ex policewoman, Paula has always offered a discount to NHS staff and all servicemen from any of the services.

Her work is exemplary not only is it electrical but it’s all sorts of projects including extensions bathrooms kitchens. During the first lockdown of COVID she helped a local business collect a van full of food for their retail stores so that the Purbeck community could actually get fresh food even though shops were closed all over the place. Paula has created a strong loyal team in her workforce.

It doesn’t seem to matter what life throws at her Paula manages to stay cheerful. It’s always a pleasure to go and visit her in Swanage. Her teenage son is an ace golfer and is preparing to go to the United States to further his ambition to become a professional golfer. To facilitate this Paula travels all over the UK with him in her camper van and yet still manages to keep all of her customers happy. Working with Paula is a complete privilege she is an admirable lady and a true role model.

Forum Refurbs

Darren O’Neill’s company operates from Blandford. He has been building extremely high quality extensions and carrying out refurbishment on properties in and around Dorset for many years.

Recently he completed a very beautiful refurbishment in Sandbanks and the photographs are awesome. He prides himself on high quality work and has a loyal team that he can call on from all the different trades. I visit Darren most months and we sit in his kitchen (with great cakes!) surrounded by his two beautiful dogs who seem to think that bringing toys to me is a critical part of the trip.

Darren is a joy to work with from an accountancy perspective. He understand his business performance extremely well and we are able to discuss the best possible options for him.

We enjoy some good debates on how to be as efficient as possible in the accounting and bookkeeping using digital systems as often as we possibly can.

The Dorset Food Co.

This exciting and innovative company is run by Carl Thomson. He's amusing, dedicated and very hard working.

When Covid hit in 2020, Carl’s business as a chef catering weddings, events & festivals came to a stand still. With two small children and no business he needed to find a new income stream very quickly.

He purchased a converted horsebox food trailer and went off to the cash & carry and local farm shops to collect as much food and supplies as he could manage. He set off around the rural communities of Dorset. When many of the basics were in short supply and some people could not get out, Carl delivered supplies and humour week after week with his partner Vicki. In the first few months of lockdown he created a loyal following of hundreds of customers who all were desperate for him to arrive each week with flour, honey, local treats, his delicious fresh hot food and his positive approach.

As if this wasn’t enough, when we went into further lockdown restrictions he decided to volunteer at his local inoculation centre, helped with patient transport and even provided free hot food and cakes for Weldmar Hospice staff.

As we move into the omicron variant of COVID Carl is still out there providing the hot meals all over rural parts of Dorset.

He sponsors his son's football team, providing them all with training uniforms as well as hot food when needed!

I love working with Carl. He is so determined to make a difference. His food is of the highest possible standard and his attitude and approach to serving people and looking after the local community is something that I value very very highly. I would recommend this chef and entrepreneur to anybody.

Vinna Bespoke Electrical Solutions

This fairly new company is run by Christian and Ben. Two driven and focussed young men.

They have learned their trade with Sunseeker as marine electricians and have transferred their undoubted expertise to van life.

They work on everything from small minis to large lorries in which they can deal with anything electrical from lighting to kitchens.

Knowledge of their work is beginning to spread far and wide and they have orders from all over the UK. They are aiming to take their own vans to a number of shows this year to get out on the road and highlight their products.

We have worked together for two years and the mentoring and support has been enormous fun. Even setting up whiteboards with targets and timelines.

During Covid Christian and Ben, worked in a very small, very cold outbuilding on a farm.

They have now managed to move into a much larger facility (affectionately known as The Hangar) that allows them to at least stay out of the wind.

Over the last few months they’ve even installed a mezzanine floor where they can at least sit down to talk through a client’s requirements in their vans with a cup of tea (although there’s rarely any milk!)

Ben and Christian are always cheerful, positive and they have a great business that’s going to go far.

Dorset Woodworks

This business is run by Luke a dedicated and professional Craftsman.

The work that he creates is unbelievably beautiful he is a master of his trade

The business is expanding as word spreads of Luke’s skill. He is bringing other tradesmen to bigger projects creating even more employment in Blandford in Dorset. This is despite the difficulties obtaining supplies that he encountered throughout 2020 and 2021.

Luke keeps the best records of any of my clients. This organisation is clear in his admin as well as in his workplace.

He asks for advice before taking action so that we can do things in the most efficient way possible and keeps me updated with all that is going on.